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OGA Annual Report

2011 Annual Meeting Recap

Portland, Ore. (Friday, October 14, 2011) -- The Oregon Golf Association held its Annual Meeting on Friday, October 14th at Riverside Golf & Country Club. 

Each year, all OGA Directors, the representatives of all regular OGA Member Clubs, get together to review the business of the Golf Association.  Directors from over 50 member clubs along with OGA invited guests gathered at Riverside Golf & Country Club for golf, followed by the annual business meeting and concluding with an awards dinner. 
President Cam Azari addresses OGA Directors
The focus of this year’s business meeting included a forum centered around retention of membership, as many clubs have expressed frustration with a decline in numbers over the past few years.  During the meeting, CEO Barb Trammell introduced three guest speakers on “best practices”, each of whom had implemented some new ideas at
their respective clubs to help grow membership:  Ralph Marconi, Director and Handicap Chair at Willamette Valley Country Club; Kathy Wentworth, Golf Shop Manager at Claremont Golf Club, a public club; and Travis Schoen, Founder and President of NW Golf Guys, an OGA Associate Club. 

All three shared interesting ways in which to engage members, create new programs and improve overall communications among members. Ralph Marconi discussed implementing new programs at his private club to engage and retain different types of golfers; Kathy Wentworth talked about creating a new public club and developing greater interaction between the golf shop and their best customers;and Travis Schoen commented on creating different tangible benefits for members beyond tournament play and the marketing communications programs they've developed including their website and Facebook.   Attendees had relevant questions and provided positive feedback.

OGA Directors also re-elected officers for 2012 including President Cam Azari, Vice President Mark Reed and Treasurer Eric Schoenstein and ratified the previous year’s actions of the Executive Committee, one of which included a proposed dues increase of $1 for next year.  PNGA President Dr. Jack Lamey as well as Executive Director Troy Andrew were on hand to give updates on our allied association and Ron Read, Regional Affairs Director of the USGA spoke about the recent re-structuring of our national governing body.

After the business meeting, the annual OGA awards were given out during dinner, recognizing the “best in class” for their achievements.  Highlighting the evening was the recipient of the 2011 Club of the Year, the Veteran’s Club of White City, Oregon for its support in giving back to veterans who served their country.  All donations and proceeds generated by this 30-member club go to helping inpatients at the rehabilitation center or to supporting the veteran’s community.  In receiving their award, representatives of the club received a standing ovation.  For more information on this year's awards, click here.


2013 OGA Annual Awards & Business Meeting

At the 2013 Annual Meeting held today at Oswego Lake Country Club the Oregon Golf Association recognized a number of its important stakeholders including members, clubs, courses as well as superintendents and golf professionals. 

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OGA Presents 2012 Annual Awards

At its Annual Meeting on Friday at Illahe Hills Country Club, the Oregon Golf Association recognized a number of its important stakeholders including members, clubs, courses as well as superintendents and golf professionals.

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OGA Announces 2011 Award Recipients

At its Annual Meeting, the Oregon Golf Association recognized many who support the game and handed out awards for Member of the Year, Handicap Chair of the Year, Member Club of the Year, Facility of the Year, Golf Professional and Superintendent of the Year, as well as Golfer of the Year.

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OGA Honors Its 2011 Volunteers

This years honorees include Bill Henke of Bend, Ore., Shawn Hoffman of West Linn, Ore., Jeanne Biggerstaff of Newberg, Ore., with the Bill Worden Volunteer of The Year bestowed upon Peter Pittock of Portland, Ore.

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OGA Gives Recognition To Its Volunteers in 2010

This years honorees include Phil Fribley of Tualatin, Ore., Tom Garrow of Seaside, Ore., Roger Mink of Sunriver, Ore. with the Bill Worden Volunteer of The Year bestowed upon Louise Labsch of Portland, Ore.

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OGA Gives Recognition to Annual Award Winners

As a result of moving the annual meeting to the fall, the OGA recognized both 2009 and 2010 award winners at its annual meeting at Waverley Country Club in categories including Golfer, Member, Club, Facility, Golf Professional, Superintendent, Handicap Chair and Volunteer of the Year. 

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Azari Takes Helm of OGA

Cameron Azari,  an OGA Director representing RedTail Golf Association, becomes the 59th President of the Oregon Golf Association and the first to come from the ranks of a Public Club. 

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OGA Announces 2009 Awards Recipients

Since 2004, the Oregon Golf Association (OGA) has been recognizing many of its important stakeholders including members, member clubs, golf courses as well the golf course superintendents and golf professionals who support the game. Awards are designated in categories including Golfer, Member, Club, Facility, Golf Professional, Superintendent, Handicap Chair and Volunteer of the Year. 

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2009 Championship Department Report

The Oregon Amateur Championship was contested for the 100th time at Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, and we also celebrated our great amateur players with the 36-hole Inaugural OGA Players Championship at Waverley Country Club.

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2009 Handicapping & Course Rating Report

Over 200 of our handicapping officers successfully completed our Certification and Licensing program for the 2008-2011 term on behalf of their clubs.

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2009 Junior Golf Report

In 2010, the Oregon Junior Amateur Championship will be renamed in honor of longtime supporter Bob Norquist, OGA  Junior Golf co-Chair and volunteer for the OGA Junior Golf program.

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2009 Year In Review

With a dismal economic climate looming like a dark cloud, we entered 2009 cautiously and carefully.  Like many other golf associations, this was going to be a year of survival, hoping our membership remained constant and supportive.

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2009 Marketing & Communications Report

There were several significant changes that occurred in the 2009 season, the most visible of which were the debut of a new website at the end of January, and a new eRevision in June.

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2008 Year In Review

The 2008 season represented one of change, growth and renewed optimism for the Oregon Golf Association.  Together, we navigated our way through our first full year as leaders of the Association and got to experience some exciting insights into what the future holds for our organization.  Along the way, we developed partnerships with some of our allied associations that will be invaluable for growth – not only for the OGA but for the game of golf itself.

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