Tournament Registration and Approval Process

Tournament Registration:

In 2013, Oregon Junior Golf will use our online registration system for all OJGA Sandctioned Tournaments and Majors.

All events will open for pre-registration on May 1.  Though you may pre-register for our events beginning on May 1, the official opening date will still fall into one of three waves as listed below.  This change will allow a junior or their parents peace of mind and more flexibility by allowing sign-ups during a "window of time" rather than on a single day.  With this change we hope to minimize the impact on the schedules of juniors and their parents that our official opening dates have created in previous years.

Approval of Entries:

Oregon Junior Golf approves entries based on a combination of the player’s Date of Entry and the player’s Priority Level as detailed in this document.

Date of Entry:

An early Date of Entry is the best way to ensure your entry is approved for an event.  If you sign-up for an event on or after the Official Opening Date for that event, your official Date of Entry will match the date you sign-up.  However, when entries are submitted during pre-registration, the Date of Entry will match the official opening date of the event.

Event Date Pre-Registration Opening Date Official Opening Date
Events before July 5
May 1 May 6
July 5 to July 30 May 1 June 3
July 31 and after May 1 July 8

Pre-registration is new this year and has been provided only for convenience.  Though it allows juniors and/or parents the convenience of submitting entries for most events beginning May 1, it does not guarantee approval into an event through early entry.

For example, pre-registration will be available for the Central Oregon Junior beginning May 1.  However, the Official Opening Date for this event is June 3 because it is contested on July 22 - 23.  All entries submitted on, or before, June 3 will have an official Date of Entry of June 3 and all entries submitted after June 3 will have a Date of Entry matching the date the entry is submitted.

Priority Levels:

Priority 1 - Players in the Top 15 and ties on the Girls and Boys 2013 Team Points List and all players in the top 10 of a Performance Points List are guaranteed entry into all events so long as they register by the entry deadline.  Exception, in the Pee-Wee Girls and Boys Performance Points Lists only the top 5 fall into this priority level.

In the event a division receives more entries with a date of entry matching the official opening date than can be accommodated, Oregon Junior Golf will grant entry to players in order of priority – all Priority 2 players will be approved first, followed by all Priority 3 players who will be approved second, and so on.

Priority 2 – Includes players who meet the following criteria:

Players ranked 11-20 and ties on the Girls, Junior and Boys Divisions 2013 Performance Points List
Players ranked 11-15 and ties on the Intermediate Girls and Boys Divisions 2013 Performance Points List
Players ranked 6-10 on the Pee-Wee Boys 2013 Performance Points List

Priority 3 – Includes players who finished the 2012 season in the top 15 of the 2012 Team Points List.

Priority 4 – Includes players who finished the 2012 season in the 15 top of the 2012 Performance Points List.

Priority 5 – Includes players eligible for the 2013 Tournament of Champions.

Priority 6 – Includes players eligible for the 2012 Tournament of Champions.

Priority 7 – Includes players who have participated in 3 or more Oregon Junior Golf Majors or Sanctioned Tournament event days in 2013.

In the event that above criteria fails to determine priority between entries received, the following method will be used to grant entry, in order:

1)    The player who has participated in the greatest number of 2013 Majors and Sanctioned Tournament event days will be approved, followed by the player who competed in the most 2011 Majors and Sanctioned Tournament event days.
2)    If players have participated in the same number of event days, the Oregon Junior Golf Committee will consider equally the sportsmanship and level of play in prior in tournaments giving more weight to performance in Oregon Junior Golf events.
3)    If the Junior Golf Committee is still unable to clearly determine which player to approve, the oldest player will be approved for entry.

Note:  When priority levels are used, all metrics are based on the closing date for the event in question.  For example, if a particular event opens for registration on June 3rd and the last day to register is June 20th, Priority 2 will include Girls ranked 11-20 and ties on the performance points list as of June 20th.


Are membership packets being sent out this year as in years past?

By Scott Krause on 04/25/2012


Very hard site to use for registration…

By Rob Kuehn on 05/01/2012


My son took the Rules of golf, passed, then the program froze and we were not able to finalize the process.  it was not my computer…it was in the OGA system.


By Scott kappes on 05/01/2012

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