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PDX Golf Show Special!  Who Wants to be a Rules Official?

"Who Want to Be a Rules Official" at the Portland Golf Show!

In over 20 games, only one contestant has been able to use their knowledge of the Rules and their 4 lifelines to get past question number 6. Can you do any better? This year's prizes include Nike merchandise, golf and lessons at area facilities, and free entries into OGA Events!

If you are interested in becoming a contestant just submit 3 correct answers and contact information (including a phone number) to the four questions below via e-mail to Craig Winter, OGA Director of Rules Education. Those that are selected as contestants will receive 2 free Friday tickets to the Portland Golf Show and will be on stage with us at 2:30pm

All Questions below are based on the 2012-2015 Rules of Golf and Decisions. To access the current Rules of Golf, click here.

Good Luck!

Question 1
A player's ball comes to rest on a steep slope. The player addresses his ball, then steps away because he is distracted by a player yelling on a neighboring hole. Before he addressed the ball again, wind caused it to move and it rolls down the slope further from the hole. What penalty, if any, does the competitor incur?
(A) No penalty, and the player must play the ball as it lies.
(B) One stroke, and the player must replace the ball.
(C) One stroke, and the player must play the ball as it lies.
(D) Two strokes, and the player must replace the ball.

Question 2
Which of the following is a hole made by a greenkeeper within the meaning of the term in the Rules of Golf?
(A) A hole left by a removed water hazard stake.
(B) Multiple deep unrepaired divots left by a player in a previous group.
(C) Cracks in the earth which occur in hot and dry conditions.
(D) An aeration hole.

Question 3
On the last hole of a round, a player makes his first stroke from the teeing ground and the ball comes to rest near an out of bounds fence. The player does not play a provisional and after learning the original ball is out of bounds, hurrys back to the tee and, by mistake, tees and plays a ball from within the wrong teeing ground (this teeing gives the player a significant advantage [added for clarification after initial publication]). The player quickly realizes the error and plays again from the correct teeing ground and this ball, the third ball, comes to rest in the middle of the fairway. The player takes three more strokes with the third ball to hole out. What is the player's score for the final hole?
(A) 6
(B) 7
(C) 8
(D) If the player fails to announce an intention to correct mistake before leaving the putting green, the player is disqualified.

Question 4
In match play, a player skulls a chip over the green and the ball accidentally strikes the opponent's golf cart, which had been parked out of bounds by the opponent's caddie. The ball comes to rest in the cart, out of bounds. What is the ruling?
(A) The player may replay the stroke without penalty.
(B) The player incurs the stroke and distance penalty, with no penalty to the opponent.
(C) The opponent incurs a one-stroke penalty and the stroke may be replayed.
(D) The opponent loses the hole.

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