Beginner's Guide to Golf | Oregon Golf Association

Welcome to our Beginner's Guide to Golf. We know you might have some questions on how to start your golf career. Below is advice on a few important items you'll need to get started.

Do not feel obligated to buy a new set of golf clubs. Most courses have rental clubs available. If you decide to buy clubs, many noteworthy golf retailers have used or refurbished clubs for sale. Used clubs can also be found on websites like Craigs List, eBay or Amazon. Take advantage of the sets designed for beginners - not all clubs are alike.

We recommend that for your first few rounds you buy the least expensive golf ball possible. There is a really good chance you will lose a few (maybe several) out on the golf course. 

Take it from us (we're all former beginners), you will benefit greatly from taking a lesson from a golf professional. Nothing beats starting out with some positive direction, which in turn will give you some technique to practice on your own. Your golf buddies might sometimes have a good tip for you, but it's better to seek out a PGA professional since they're the ones trained to teach the game to someone like yourself.

Find a course near you and inquire about "Get Golf Ready" which is a fun and affordable program designed to introduce golf to adults who have never played or have minimal golf experience. 

As a beginner, it's important to find a golf course that matches your skills and ability. There are many great places to play as there are more than 200 golf courses dotted across Oregon and Southwest Washington. There are a number of beginner-friendly golf courses in our region, with Par 3 golf courses, executive courses and shorter nine-hole golf courses a welcoming place for new golfers.

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* Thanks to PGA Professional Harold Bluestein for allowing us to share content from his book, "Welcome to Golf" which is available for purchase online.