COVID-19 Tournament Guidelines | Oregon Golf Association

2020 COVID-19 Tournament Guidelines for OGA / OJG Competitions
(What to Expect When Competing This Season)
Effective 5/28/2020

The following guidelines and policies will be in effect for all OGA and Oregon Junior Golf tournaments* and will supplement any other policies currently in place. They may be updated and/or modified at any time. It is imperative that everyone follow these guidelines in order to ensure a safe and healthy environment for contestants, volunteers, spectators, host facilities and staff. The ability for us to resume and continue conducting competitions during this unprecedented season depends on the cooperation and success of all involved. (*modifications for OGA Tour, OJG Summer Series and Women’s Interclub Play may be communicated separately).

General Safety and Health Guidelines
➢ Social Distancing (minimum of 6-foot distance from others, excluding household members) must be practiced at all times when at tournament site
➢ Mask/facial covering should be worn in accordance with state government guidelines when a 6-foot distance cannot be met
➢ Sanitizing or washing of hands often is recommended. Hand sanitizer will be available at starting and scoring areas
➢ Refrain from touching your face
➢ Gatherings are strictly prohibited – players and spectators are asked to leave the property as soon as the round has been completed
➢ No handshakes, high fives or hugs
➢ Anyone who is sick must stay home

Arrival / Check In
➢ Players and attendees may not arrive at tournament site earlier than 35 minutes prior to the contestant’s starting time
➢ There will be no formal registration, however, a check-in table for those needing to sign participation waivers will be available; all pertinent tournament information will be sent digitally
➢ Tee prizes will not be distributed prior to the first round but will be placed on a table and available for pick up at the end of the first round

➢ Limited time on driving range and practice putting green prior to round will be permitted
➢ NO practice is permitted after the round
➢ Some facilities may have other restrictions that will be communicated in advance

Starting Area
➢ Players are asked to report to their starting tee 5 minutes ahead of their starting time (for non-major junior golf events, 10 minutes prior is required)
➢ No starter boxes with supplies available, only official clock – players are required to provide their own pencils, tees, ball markers, divot tools, sharpies, bug spray, etc.
➢ Tournament paperwork (Notice to Competitors, hole location sheets, hard card, pace of play) will be emailed to players the evening before the event
➢ Players must stand 6 feet apart when receiving instructions from starter
➢ Starters will wear mask and gloves
➢ Score cards will be provided and picked up by player from table
➢ Hand sanitizer will be available on table

Golf Carts (when applicable)
➢ Single-rider carts only unless member of same household
➢ Limited, based on availability
➢ Pre-paid through course
➢ No cart transportation for players with lost ball scenario in walking only events
➢ Push/pull carts available at discretion of facility – please contact to inquire

Water / Food & Beverages
Players and spectators must provide their own drinking water; there will be limited supplies for refills that will be provided to players only
➢ Box lunches only when providing food; F&B service for spectators at discretion of course and food for purchase may be limited

Clubhouse Access
➢ Dependent on policy of host club – pro shop supplies most likely not available; players should be prepared with balls, gloves, other equipment
➢ Accessible restrooms will be facility dependent on whether permanent facilities or portable toilets are provided
➢ Come prepared for the weather as access to all indoor facilities may be limited

Spectator Policy
One spectator per contestant is allowed on site to accompany the player before, during and after the round, preferably a family member or guardian. If a violation occurs, one warning will be issued and any subsequent violation will result in the offending person being removed from the course
➢ College coaches may attend OGA and OJG events (must check in with Tournament Director and sign waiver)
➢ The Tournament Director may authorize other persons to attend (e.g., media, host club officials or members)
➢ Spectator carts may be provided for ADA compliancy and only one person may ride in the cart at any time
➢ Spectators must practice social distancing (at least 6 feet away from others)

Bunkers / Rakes
➢ Rakes will be removed from course
➢ Players may “Lift, Smooth and Replace:” When a player’s ball is in a bunker, the player may lift his or her ball, smooth the sand to ground level (flat, not teed) and replace the ball back on its original spot.

Flagsticks / Hole Inserts
Players are strongly encouraged to leave flagsticks in the hole. If the flagstick is removed, it must be done using a towel or gloved hand. For all EJ Play Days junior golf tournaments, the flagstick must remain in the hole
➢ Foam inserts (pool noodles) will be placed in hole liners to keep the ball from falling to the bottom. Players may adjust the noodle if the noodle may impede the path of the ball or has come out of/come to rest above the hole. A ball is holed under this practice when a ball is at rest in the hole after a stroke and ANY PART of ball is below the surface of the putting green. If a ball bounces out of the hole and comes to rest outside of the hole, the ball is not considered holed

Score Boards
➢ No score boards or posting of scores will be done on site to eliminate gatherings. Players and spectators can use the Golf Genius app to follow live scoring. GGID will be visibly posted. Results will be posted on the website and emailed to all contestants at the conclusion of the round/event
➢ On-course leader boards may be utilized at select events

Scoring Area
➢ Players will stand 6 feet apart when verifying scores at tables (no chairs)
➢ Score cards will be attested and returned to Committee (score card box for junior events); players to use own pencil – none provided in scoring area
➢ Hand sanitizer available on table and should be used after recording, verifying and returning cards by each player
➢ Mask/face covering to be worn by scoring volunteer

Playoffs and Awards
➢ Except for ties for medalist, last spot in match play, overall champion or match extension, all playoffs will be decided by USGA score card playoff method
➢ No awards ceremonies: trophies and awards will be displayed on tables for pick up by winners to take home
➢ Prize vouchers and gift cards may be redeemable, dependent on policy of facility. Others will be mailed to recipients after the event

Severe Weather
➢ Every effort will be made to signal a severe weather suspension as early as possible to enable players to walk in from the course
➢ During course evacuation and suspension of play, players will be asked to shelter in the vehicle in which they arrived
➢ Notifications will be sent via text or email regarding when and if play will be resumed

Liability Waiver
➢ All contestants, parents of minors, spectators and volunteers are required to sign a waiver of liability before being permitted on site or allowed to participate; waivers cover all events during the season and will not need to be signed for each tournament; anyone refusing to sign the waiver will not be allowed on property.
➢ To sign the waiver, click HERE.

We appreciate the cooperation of all participants, volunteers and spectators in adhering to these guidelines so that we can make the tournament experience an enjoyable one for all.

Thank you!