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Daily Revisions - World Handicap System

No more waiting until the 1st and 15th to see how your recent rounds impact your handicap. The expectation is that you’ll post your score immediately after playing, so you can see the WHS in action.

Every time a score is added, removed, or edited you’ll want to check your Index, but not until after midnight PST. The other reason it’s important to post your score the day you play, is so it will be included in the daily Playing Conditions Calculation (PCC). Even if the PCC winds up being zero, the system needs all scores to be in the “data pool.”

It’s always best to stay on top of your handicap updates by relying on the new , but you can also view the display on the kiosk or here at OGA.org. You can even “follow” your fellow club members and playing partners via the app or ghin.com, as their Indexes will update automatically as well.

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