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Digital Profile Required to Access, GHIN Mobile App

For your security, the USGA and GHIN have introduced a new way to log in to and the GHIN Mobile App.

New Password Requirement:

Rather than simply using GHIN Number and last name to log in, golfers will need to establish a password to use each time when accessing GHIN services. The entire process takes only a handful of minutes.


  1. Golfers must have an active 2021 OGA Membership in order to proceed.
  2. In order to complete the process members must have an accurate and current email address in their GHIN profile. Additionally, members no longer can share an email with a spouse or another member (to use or GHIN Mobile App).
  3. When creating the new digital GHIN profile, the first step is to verify 2021 membership. Upon completing that initial step, you will be sent an email from GHIN that includes a link to a website where you establish a password.
  4. For members without a requisite email address, it can be added to a GHIN Profile by contacting club-specific Handicap Chairs and/or Golf Professionals at host facilities. 

Other Trouble-Shooting:  If the GHIN Mobile App does not allow log in, even after creation of the new digital profile, it is recommended that members update the app and try again (or if needed, uninstall and reinstall). Links to download the GHIN Mobile App can be found by clicking here.

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