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Your Impact on Golf in the Region:  Proceeds from Explore Oregon Golf Passports help to fund “Grow the Game” initiatives throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Funds are distributed to the Golf Alliance of Oregon, which brings together agronomists, owners, golf professionals and other industry experts to advocate for golf’s sustainable and long-term health and well-being. Alliance partners include:

Your OGA Member Dues at Work:  As a Passport holder, you are an Oregon Golf Association member. Your annual member dues support a variety of worthwhile golf initiatives, such as: 

It's a win-win. You save, support the game and get to play more while exploring and visiting new courses in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question about the Passport and it is not included below, feel free to contact us via email or call the OGA office at 503-981-4653.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What courses are featured in the Explore Oregon Golf Passport?
A: Click the Participating Course List for full information on all participating courses.

Q: Why should I buy a Passport?
A: The Passport gets you golf with cart at participating courses for $30 or less per person - save hundreds of dollars and the more you play the more you save. Many of the courses even allow multiple or unlimited redemptions (please see course list for restrictions & stipulation details) - the savings are unlimited when you purchase a Passport! 

Q: How much does an Explore Oregon Golf Passport cost?
A: For the third consecutive year there is no price increase. The Passport cost just $129 for members or $164 for a Passport that includes OGA Membership. Explore Oregon Golf Passports are only available to OGA members. If you're not a member, you can simply purchase a membership & Passport at the same time to get these great savings!

Q: When will I receive my Passport?
A: Initial order fulfillment will occur during the first week of December. For purchases after Jan. 1, please allow up to 5-7 days after you place your order to receive your Passport in the mail. Many times we'll get yours in the mail before that, but please purchase well in advance of your first intended use as Passports are not readily available for pickup or immediate mailing. In certain circumstances, special arrangements can be made for quicker pickup or delivery, please call the OGA office at 503-981-4653. However, please keep in mind that OGA staff is often on the road during the Spring & Summer months and immediate pickup and shipment is not always available.

Q: Can I pay & pick up my Passport in person in Woodburn at the OGA Offices?
A: You can, however, you'll need to make prior arrangements with us as we're often out of the office at events, so please call the OGA office at 503-981-4653 one week prior to arrange payment and coordinate pickup. We'll do our best, but expedited pickup may not always be available.

Q: I'm not an OGA member, can I still purchase a Passport?
A: Yes, but you'll need to become a member first. However, we've made it easy for non-members to purchase a Passport & OGA membership together in one package. The $164 price includes membership in the OGA through the OGA Passport Club. You will be assigned a GHIN number which you can use to post your scores and generate a USGA Handicap Index, and you will also be afforded all benefits of an OGA member! CLICK HERE to view OGA Member benefits.

Q: Is it true that at many courses I can use the Passport multiple times?
A: Yes, again this year, many courses will allow multiple redemptions and bonus offers valid for food, pro shop merchandise & more!  Please keep in mind that each course is allowed to determine stipulations to make the program work for them to participate. Some courses limit redemptions to certain times/days and some courses allow multiple or unlimited redemptions.

Q: Why do you allow the courses to set stipulations for redeeming the Passport? 
A:  To encourage as much participation from courses for you, we allow them to set the stipulations that allow them to participate but not impact their extremely busy times of day and affect their revenue if that would prevent them from participating. Without allowing courses to set these stipulations, many of the courses would not be able to participate in the Passport program.

Q: I have more questions?
A: You may call the OGA office at 503-981-4653 between 8am-4pm. Or contact us via email to help you out anytime. Please be advised of limited availability and possible delayed response times to email during the holidays.

Q: Do I have to use a Credit Card to buy the Passport?
A: Using a credit card is definitely the preferred payment option for purchasing a Passport (for order tracking, fulfillment efficiency).