Frequently Asked Questions | Oregon Golf Association


  1. My contact information has changed -- how can I update my member profile?

    Please click here to update your contact information, and we will change it for you in your GHIN / OGA Member profile.

  2. Can I be a member of more than one club?

    Of course! You can be a member of as many clubs as you like. Just make sure to keep your established GHIN Number with every club you are a member of.

    Near the end of the season, keep an eye out for the OGA Multi-Member Rebate form. If you are a member of more than one OGA Member Club, you can apply for a $20 rebate. The form should be up on the OGA website by October of every year.

  3. What benefits do I receive as an OGA member?

  4. Where do my OGA Member Dues go?

    Your OGA Member Dues helps us in what we do – including:

    • Handicapping
    • Rating Oregon and SW Washington courses
    • Running OGA Championships, Oregon Junior Golf, OGA Tour events and OGA administration

    OGA dues also support organizations such as Oregon Junior Golf and the Evans Scholarship Foundation.

  5. How much are OGA Member Dues?

    OGA Member Dues are currently $35.

  6. I'm new to Oregon, can my scores & Handicap Index be transferred from my previous Golf Association?

    So long as your previous state or regional Golf Association was on GHIN, your scoring record and last index can follow you to Oregon. When signing up either in person or online, simply provide your previous GHIN number and your scores & record will automatically be set up for you. If you need more assistance, contact our Membership Department

    Not sure which club to choose or just want a handicap to track your progress and all the other benefits associated with OGA Membership, we recommend joining the OGA Golf Club, which donates $20 of your membership fee to community Junior Golf Programs such as Oregon Junior Golf and First Tee. This includes all benefits of OGA Membership with a GHIN Handicap Index.

  7. When does my OGA Membership expire?

    OGA membership runs calendar year, from January 1st through December 31st.  Every OGA member club manages their own member activation and deactivation process and generally reviews their GHIN (Golf Handicap Information Network) rosters from January through April to update membership.  Depending on bookkeeping preferences, some clubs will inactivate their entire roster at one time, and will simply reactivate members as they pay dues to rejoin for the new season.

    In order to take advantage of all of your OGA Membership Benefits, two of which include being able to continually post scores and enter competitions with an active and current USGA Handicap Index, please ask your club when you can pay your dues for the upcoming golf season.  If you are traveling for the off season, it’s a great idea to pay your club in advance so that handicapping services are uninterrupted. 

    If your club makes you inactive, you will lose the ability to post scores and will no longer receive Handicap Index updates.