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Junior Golf

  1. When Will I Be Charged For My Child's Event Entry?

    For all Summer Series events and Major Tournaments, all registered players are immediate placed on a pending list. After the close of entries has passed, Oregon Junior Golf will go through the approval process to process entries into the field. At that time, your Credit Card will charged the entry fee. If you child does not gain entry into the tournament, a waiting list will be established and your Credit Card will not be charged 

    For all Erling Jacobsen Playdays, your Credit Card will be charged immediately upon registering for the event.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Oregon Junior Golf

  2. How do I post a photo so that it shows in live scoring?

    To have a photo display in OGA & Oregon Junior Golf Live Scoring, you can simply upload a photo to your TPP player profile (what you log into & use to register for events). You'll need to upload a photo that is 200 pixels wide x 150 pixels tall or else the photo will distort to those dimensions.

    Click here to login to your Oregon Junior Golf player profile. Click here to login to your Oregon Golf Association (Championships) player profile

    If you'd like us to crop & upload a photo for you, you may email your photo to our Communications Team

  3. What is Oregon Junior Golf

    Oregon Junior Golf is one of the premiere regional junior golf programs in the nation. It is run under the banner of Oregon Junior Golf Fund, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization whose purpose is to promote junior golf through education and competitions for kids 8-18 years of age. OJG Membership, the Erling Jacobsen Playdays, and also Youth on Course are available to youth ages 8-18.

  4. Why join Oregon Junior Golf?

    As a member of Oregon Junior Golf (OJG) you are also registered for the Youth on Course (YOC) program (providing $5 green fees for juniors).  To earn your YOC Membership card, an additional survey must also be completed (no additional charge).  OJG Membership also means you are also a member of the Oregon Golf Association.  If you do not already have a Handicap Index®, you will be assigned a GHIN number. This GHIN number allows you to post your scores and earn a Handicap Index®  for competition and game improvement tracking.  Membership for 2020 is $30. After you complete the registration process, you will receive a welcome kit that will include additional information regarding our policies, how to register for events, Rule book, and a member bagtag.  Membership is required for participation in any OJG Majors.    

  5. What Benefits Are Included?

    Every new member will receive a personalized bag tag, priority registration and discounted entry into our 60+ events during the year. All members also become active members of the Oregon Junior Golf Club, an OGA Associate Member Club. This allows you to post scores online and earn a USGA Handicap Index.

  6. What Other Activities are Supported by Oregon Junior Golf?

    In addition to our tournaments, Oregon Junior Golf conducts qualifiers for USGA National Championships, provides travel support to members that have advanced to the national championship as well as other prestigious international events including Junior Worlds, Boys and Girls Junior America’s Cup Teams, and Eddie Hogan Cup Team Matches.
    Oregon Junior Golf Fund also provides in-kind or some financial support to The First Tee of Greater Portland and the Leisure Hour Junior Golf Program.
  7. Are Parents Allowed on the Course?

    Yes, but there are strict guidelines for spectators including remaining 20 yards behind all players at all times; no talking, signaling or making any action that may be construed as giving advice to a contestant. In addition, talking on a CELL phone is strictly prohibited.

    OJG encourages parents to attend and passively participate in spectating at our events. However, please understand that spectators must never take action to influence play in any way and must abide by the following rules. Failure to follow the below rules may result in penalties and sanctions against both the spectator and the player, including removal from the course.

    I. Spectators may not leave the rough or the cart path during their time on the course. They may not stand or walk in the following areas: the fairway, teeing areas, fringe or putting greens and water hazards or bunkers.

    II. Spectators must remain at least 20 yards (60 feet) from ALL players when spectating. (Exception: Spectators may be located within 20 yards for the following reasons only: Medical assistance, food, water or clothing exchange and assisting players in searching for a ball.)

    III. Spectators must not communicate (either visual or verbal) with any player in a way that could influence or suggest how a player should play the game. This includes information related to the Rules of Golf. Spectator carts are not allowed. (Exception: with DMV/Disabled Sticker.)

  8. How Are Competitions Organized?

    Players are placed into flights based on gender and their age as of the last day of the tournament as follows:
    * Pee Wee Boys (age 8-9)
    * Pee Wee Girls (age 8-9)
    * Pee Wee Boys (age 10-11)
    * Pee Wee Girls (age 10-11)
    * Intermediate Boys (age 12-13)
    * Intermediate Girls (age 12-14)
    * Boys (age 14-15)
    * Girls (age 15-18)
    * Juniors (Boys, age 16-18)
    **Boys Open Division (age 14-18)
    **Girls Open Division (age 12-18)

    **Open Divisions are only offered at select OJG Major Tournaments and are an additional option for junior golfers who would like to compete at a longer yardage. All regular divisions are still offered at these events.
  9. What are OPEN Divisions?

    OPEN Divisions were created in 2013 and have been introduced to provide more skilled and experienced juniors the opportunity to compete against one another over a more challenging, longer course.

    The OPEN Divisions are open to 12-18 year old girls and 14-18 year old boys. Though all players in this age range are eligible, the division is intended only for more skilled and experienced players. The course yardages will be approximately 5,800-6,000 yards for girls and 6,600-6,800 yards for boys.

    Handicap Index® eligibility requirements are:  Boys 7.0 or lower   |   Girls 14.0 or lower.

    Players should not register for OPEN Divisions until they can meet the following benchmark - The junior should have the ability to regularly break 85 for girls and 80 for boys on a regulation course, played under the Rules of Golf. A regulation course would be a course of approximately 6,200 yards or longer for boys or 5,400 yards or longer for girls. If a player registers for OPEN divisions and demonstrates that they do not possess the appropriate golf skill, Oregon Junior Golf reserves the right to limit future participation in OPEN Divisions.

  10. Does Oregon Junior Golf Provide Instruction?

    No. Oregon Junior Golf is an organization that provides playing opportunities for its members and highly recommends that you visit your local PGA professional and golf course for information on Junior Golf camps as well as individual and group lessons.

  11. What Are The Costs?

    The annual fee to become a member of Oregon Junior Golf is $30. Additionally, summer competitiosn range from $9 - $35 for one-day events and up to $60 for week long state championship events. The entry fee at most events includes lunch and beverage during the day.  The winter series competitions range from $25-$65 October-March.  

  12. How Can I Help?

    Generous donations from corporations and individuals along with significant overhead support from the OGA make it possible to administer a junior golf program for over 1,500 youth in Oregon and Southwest Washington. You may make a tax-deductible donation online at HERE. Volunteer opportunities are also available!