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Rules of Golf

  1. What are the 2019 Rules Changes all about?

    In order to keep up with constant changes, the Rules of Golf will undergo a complete overhaul beginning on January 1, 2019. Because the Rules are the same from the novice amateur to the high level professional golfer, the need to keep them relevant and understandable has been the driving force behind the changes. In early 2018 the USGA and R&A, the two governing bodies of the game, released a proposal that they opened up for discussion and comments. After this period ended, they released the Rules that will be adopted beginning on January 1, 2019.

    Below are resources that can assist you in learning more about the new Rules:

  2. How can the OGA help me with a Rules question?

    The OGA staff and Volunteer Rules Officials are known for their vast knowledge on the Rules of Golf. You can either call the OGA at 503-981-4653 or send an email to

  3. I am playing in an OGA event, what Rules should I know?

    There are two documents that you shuold be familiar with if you are playing in an OGA event. Click here to read the OGA Local Rules and Conditions of Competition, and click here for the OGA Pace of Play Guidelines.

  4. How do I become a Rules Official?

    The first step is to attend a PGA/USGA Rules of Golf Workshop and score a minimum of 75% on the 100-question test that is administered at the end of the workshop. A ride along with a Senior OGA Rules Official is also required before being put on the golf course to officiate.

    If you're interested in becoming a Rules Official, please email the OGA Rules Department at

  5. Does the OGA provide educational seminars on the Rules of Golf?

    Yes, the OGA provides Regional Rules of Golf Workshops covering many areas across Oregon. These workshops are eight hours of detailed instruction designed for individuals who are familiar with the game and wish to acquire a better understanding of the Rules of Golf. The workshops focus on the more commonly used Rules of Golf and the associated definitions while also addressing key changes coming in 2019. Click here for our Rules of Golf workshop schedule.

  6. Would the OGA come and host a Rules Presentation at my Club?

    Due to the massive 2019 Rules of Golf changes, the OGA will not be providing individual club presentations. Instead, we are recommending that clubs suggest their members attend the OGA's Regional Rules Workshops. For more information regarding OGA Regional Rules Workshops, click here.

  7. Is there Rules information or material that can be posted at my Club?

    Yes, two Senior OGA Rules Officials, Pete Scholz and Terry McEvilly, write a Rule of the Month. These articles and quizzes are a great resource that can be posted. Other resources regarding The OGA’s position on Gambling, Amateur Status, Winter Rules or Distance Measuring Devices contact the OGA at 503-981-4653 or send an email to Click Here for the Rule of the Month.

  8. Where can I get a Rules book? Or purchase an Official Guide to the Rules of Golf?

    There are currently three types of Rules books available: The Rules of Golf, the Rules of Golf Players Edition and Rules, and the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf. The OGA is currently offering the Rules of Golf and The Rules of Golf Players Addition free of charge. These are available for pick up at the OGA office (maximum of 20).  If you are interested in providing these for your club or group you will need to contact the USGA to order: They are still free of charge but you will need to cover shipping charges. Those interested in purchasing the Official Guide to the Rules of Golf can do so from the OGA: The cost is $13 if you pick up at the OGA office or $15 shipped. Contact the OGA at 503-981-4653 or send an email to


  9. What is the OGA's recommendation and opinion on "Winter Rules"?

    Click here for the OGA's position on "Winter Rules".

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