Find the Right Course for Your Skill Level | Oregon Golf Association

As a beginner, it's important to find a golf course that matches your skill and ability. With more than 200 golf courses dotted across Oregon and Southwest Washington you will certainly have a number of options to choose from.

We caution you from playing your first few rounds at the longer, championship-level 18-hole golf courses. Those are really amazing places to play golf, but they might be too difficult and make for a long round.

There are a number of beginner-friendly golf courses in our region. Par 3 golf courses, executive courses and shorter nine-hole golf courses make for a welcoming place for you to test your skills. The holes at those courses are designed to be much shorter in length which requires fewer shots for the new golfer to advance the ball into the hole. is a great resource for finding the perfect golf course near you. Search by region, price and more. Each course in the online directory has a short description, a phone number for the pro shop and a link to the course's website. 

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