Gretchen Yoder | Oregon Golf Association

Manager of Handicapping & Course Rating

Originally from the South Shore of Massachusetts, Gretchen moved to Oregon almost 20 years ago on a whim and found a job as the Bartender at Forest Hills Golf Course in Cornelius. She had never been on a golf course other than sledding in the winter before that.

As soon as she picked up a golf club, she was hooked. After a few years, she began volunteering for the Peter Jacobsen Junior Challenge. Adding in more OGA Adult and Junior Championships as time allowed.

Standing on the other side of the bar Gretchen heard multiple interpretations of the Rules of Golf. She began paying attention and attended 4 USGA/PGA Rules of Golf Seminars and became a Rules Official with OGA. As a player in several OGA Championships, she is proud to have earned the OGA Net Championship 2012 as well as the Net Public Links Championship in 2006.

Gretchen attended Bridgewater State College, for Social Work. Three years ago, she was challenged to take up Scottish Highland Games and is thoroughly excited to be throwing in the Masters World Championship 2014 in Inverness, Scotland . While her family is all still back East, she has come to call Oregon home and spends as much time as possible with her friends and West Coast Family.

Gretchen believes that every volunteer should walk with the PeeWees, at least once!