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Hole No. 12 at Camas Meadows GC - Most Interesting Holes Series

By Gretchen Yoder, Manager of Handicapping & Course Rating
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The 18th (and final!) in our OGA series about the Most Interesting Holes is the 12th hole at Camas Meadows.

Camas Meadows’ 12th hole is a par 5 with tees at 566, 536, 508 and 426.

We are finishing off the Most Interesting Holes series with a bang! No. 12 is a slight dogleg left with plenty of trouble. Off the tee, trees line the left side of the entire fairway, there are also thick trees on the right side that come into play more on the second shot. With all the trees on this hole, the big trouble is 2 tall oak trees, about 125 yards from the green, which force the player to pick the angle they play into the green. If the player chooses going to the safer right side, they now have a tougher shot to the green. If they play to the center fairway, it is quite a narrow opening between the two trees, catching branches and losing distance or being stuck behind the imposing oaks could be daunting.

The pond on the left starts at the end of the thick trees, over 200 yards out, and runs around and to the back of the green. Don’t play too far right of the green either as there is also a creek short and to the right side. Avoiding the water and playing right brings in its fair share of trouble.

Camas Meadows has done some wonderful work on their bunkers. While they eliminated some bunkers that were mostly out of play and made the bunkers more “player friendly”, the somewhat deep bunkers are still rather penalizing. The fairway bunker right narrows the drive landing zone, while the greenside bunkers take away the golfer’s choice of sneaking up the left side.

The green is slightly hourglass shaped, running front to back, is twice as long as it is wide, and slopes away from the golfer. Approaching from the right side of the oak puts the golfer in peril with the angle of the shot coming in to the narrower green. A miss at this angle brings the greenside bunkers into play.

The concept of “Split Fairways” is a difficult one for Course Rating. For Camas Meadows, the oak trees cause the golfer to pick one side of the fairway or the other. The trained Team of Course Raters would measure landing zones for the narrow opening and right side and have to figure out all of the Obstacles (water, trees, etc.) from both sides and then take an average of the two.

Each hole that has a Split Fairway needs to be treated individually. The Male and Female, Scratch and Bogey golfer, depending on the tee they are playing, may play each situation differently. Here is how the Team rated several different Split Fairway situations:

  • Waverley No. 12:  A narrow fairway bunker splits the fairway. Golfers who land in that area would choose one side or the other depending on which side they would favor for their shot to the green. We might average the fairway widths to get a more accurate rating.
  • Tetherow No. 2:  Scratch Female golfer would play to the raised left side of the fairway as she would fly over the crest of the hill and get extra roll with the steep downhill fairway. The Bogey Female golfer would play to the flatter right side of the fairway since if she hit to the left side, her drive would land in the middle of the steep uphill lie and she would get little to no roll. There would be no benefit to playing left.
  • Stone Creek No. 9:  For this hole, we pretty much ignored the right side of the split fairway. According to several golfers, they only use the right side in the winter when the course is “cart path only.”

From Camas Meadows: No. 12 is the most difficult par 5 on the back nine. Once your tee shot is in play it’s all about negotiating the tall oak that guards the second shot landing area. Left of the oak challenges the water hazard, but will be an easier approach. A safe shot to the right of the oak makes for a more difficult angle. Either location will need to deal with the back of the green sharply sloping away from the player.

The 12th hole at Camas Meadows earned 48 votes in the OGA's "18 Most Interesting Holes" contest. Additional Numbers for the OGA's Most Interesting Holes Series:

  • 26 nominations were made for Most Interesting Holes across Oregon and SW Washington
  • 2344 individual votes were tallied
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