2021 Tournament of Major Champions | Oregon Golf Association


The Tournament of Major Champions is invitation only. Players are only guaranteed an invitation to the Tournament of Champions by winning their division at an OJG Major. Junior golfers will receive an invitation to the TOC to compete in the same division for which they won in during the season.


18-hole stroke play gross competition. Girls (8 - 9), Girls (10 - 11), and Boys (8 - 9) will compete in a 9-hole stroke play gross competition.


Boys (8 - 9)   Boys (10 - 11)   Girls (8 - 9)   Girls (10 - 11)

Boys Open (14 - 18)   Boys (16 - 18)   Boys (14 - 15)   Boys (12 - 13)

Girls Open (12 - 18)   Girls (15 - 18)   Girls (12 - 14)



Fee Details

Entry fee must accompany your entry and will include:

  • 1 Round of Golf
  • Tee Prizes

Deadline Details

Entries will be accepted according to the date of receipt of entry and entry fee. Entry deadline August 23rd. Entries by online, telephone, fax, or email must accompany payment and must be received by 5pm of the deadline.

Withdraw/Refund Policy

Until the closing deadline, you may cancel/withdraw your entry without penalty. However, after the closing deadline, no refunds will be available except in the case of a family emergency or medical emergency, where a $5 administrative fee will apply.  You may view the full withdrawal policy, including how to withdraw after the start of an event in the Member Handbook by clicking here.

Sunday, September 12, 2021
Illahe Hills Country Club
3376 Country Club Drive S.
Salem, OR 97302