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2021 Youth On Course Stipulations

We take pride in being able to provide our junior golfers the opportunity to play golf at an affordable rate in partnership with our participating facilities. Although the junior pays only $5, the Oregon Golf Association and Oregon Junior Golf (OJG) then subsidizes an additional amount to each course. In 2020 the OJG subsidized more than $100,000 – an amount funded entirely by donations.

As a reminder, the Youth on Course program has always been designed for juniors to utilize tee times that are “open” and was never intended for booking in advance. These policies can be viewed in the 2021 OJG Member Handbook (Page 39-40). Participating facilities have voiced their concerns that many juniors have not been following these policies which is causing them to run out of their most sought-after tee times.

Availability is Monday through Friday after 2pm.

Procedures for YOC members contacting courses for play:

  • YOC members are NOT allowed to make advance tee times.
  • Contact courses ONLY on the day of desired play.
    • ​Walk on basis only. YOC members can only use their benefits for unused tee times for that day.
    • The courses have the right NOT to honor YOC benefits and charge the full junior rate.
  • When contacting the course the junior MUST identify themselves to the course as an YOC member.

Those that do not identify themselves as an YOC member WILL be charged the regular junior rate. These procedures and limitations do not apply to juniors paying the regular junior rate. Courses have been notified of these procedures. Also been encouraged to charge the regular junior rate for those not fallowing these procedures.

If you have successfully completed your Oregon Junior Golf membership signup, you can access your digital YOC card at either of the following options:  Print a Temporary YOC Card  |  Download YOC Mobile App

It can take up to two business days from OJG Membership signup until YOC activation occurs.

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