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About Jacobsen Youth Initiative:  Founded by the Jacobsen Family, the Jacobsen Youth Initiative supports and encourages young people to play the game of golf. It promotes etiquette and teaches lifetime skills. The Erling Jacobsen PlayDays; Youth on Course Oregon are the two main programs supported through the Jacobsen Youth Initiative which would not be possible without the support of the its generous donors.

Charitable Donations:  Are you interested in supporting Oregon Junior Golf 501(c)(3), the Jacobsen Youth Initiative, the EJ PlayDays and/or Youth on Course Program? Click on the donate button below.

Youth on Course:  Youth On Course is a subsidy based program providing youth access to the game of golf for no more than $5 green fees at participating courses. For each $5 round played at a participating golf course in our region, the Jacobsen Youth Initiative & Oregon Junior Golf match an additional $5-10 and pay that money to the golf courses to help subsidize the program. 

The pilot program for Youth on Course took place in Oregon in 2012. It has now become a national initiative with over 50,000 youth members that can play on over 1,300 courses throughout the country. In 2019, the state of Oregon had more than 2,500 youth cardholders that could play at over 70 courses in the state. In 2019 alone, the JYI subsidized 6,000+ rounds of golf for Oregon youth through donations of more than $40,000. 

Please consider making a donation to allow this amazing initiative to continue its growth.  A single donation of $100 will pay or 20 rounds of golf for Oregon youth!

Erling Jacobsen PlayDays:  The EJ PlayDays encourages juniors (ages 8-18) to play different golf courses and play the game in a fun, stress-free environment without competition. This is a great way for junior golfers to meet other juniors and gain lasting friendships. Each event date includes 9 holes of golf, lunch, raffle prizes, and short education on Rules and Etiquette. Caddies are welcome. All of this costs youth only $10 for Oregon Junior Golf Members.  

The EJ Tour hosts 15 events annually with a goal of reaching over 300 participants.