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Member Benefit: Nike Company Store Shares 2020 OGA Member Invitation

The Nike Company Store has extended a special invitation for OGA Members to shop the store and receive discounts of 40 percent on most merchandise.

INVITE CHANGES IN 2020:  Different from previous years, the upcoming invitation dates are determined by the first character of your last name (as seen on your official government ID). There are three separate periods – see below:

Last Name Beginning With…

  • A-H:  Nov. 2-Nov. 15, 2020
  • I-P:  Nov. 16-Nov. 29, 2020
  • Q-Z:  Nov. 30-Dec. 13, 2020

Important Updates - Please Read:  

  • Nike Co. Store asks that all guests wear a face covering and observe physical distancing while shopping in the store.
  • There is currently a purchase limit of 30 items OR  $3,000 prior to the discount per transaction / pass

Rules for Check-In:

  • Invitation is valid for one time entry during your assigned access window.
  • Members who joined/renewed prior to Nov. 1, 2020 will have their name on a list at the check in area. Members who join/renew on or after Nov. 1, 2020 will need to prove membership by displaying the digital GHIN card (through the GHIN mobile app). Click here for links to download the free GHIN mobile app.

Stipulations For Member (and Guests):

  • Members may bring a spouse or permanent partner and/or children 24 and younger.
  • The OGA Member's guest must provide proof of the same address to accompany the OGA Member into the store.
  • Dependent children criteria for entry: 
    • Children 22 or younger with the same address as the OGA Member
    • Children 24 or younger with a valid college ID and same address as the OGA Member
    • Children 15 or older are required to show some form of identification
    • Children 14 and under do not require identification

*** NOTICE TO ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES:  National Collegiate Athletic Association rules strictly prohibit high school student-athletes from receiving special arrangements or "extra benefits" based upon athletic ability. Shopping the NIKE Company Store is considered by the NCAA to be an "extra benefit," which may lead to the ineligibility of a student-athlete.

Valid Dates (by Last Name):  A-H:  Nov. 2-Nov. 15 ... I-P:  Nov. 16-Nov. 29 ... Q-Z:  Nov. 30-Dec. 13
Store Hours:  Monday-Saturday, 10am-8pm | Sunday, 10am-6pm
Address:  3485 SW Knowlton Road, Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone: 503.671.1601

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