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Member Benefit: Save Every Time You Play OGA Golf Course

OGA Members can save up to $8 when playing OGA Golf Course, the home of amateur golf in Oregon and Southwest Washington. This discount is only available daily before 4:00 PM.  

How Does it Work?
The savings is applied when golfers can prove they are an OGA Member at time of payment for the round. This can be done by displaying the GHIN mobile app (which includes personalized member information on the home screen). Download the app here.

Golfers who do not have a smart phone (to display the GHIN mobile app) can prove membership by sharing a GHIN Number with the pro shop attendant for them to look up and verify.

New Pricing Structure
OGA Golf Course has enacted "dynamic / intelligent pricing" which means rate structure changes in real time, based on the demand of the consumer. Many factors play into the fluctuation of the rates such as day of the week, time of day, and most importantly demand.

Note:  OGA Members can book tee times through the "Public" reservation system (and receive the member-rate discount when paying at the golf course). Golfers who wish to know the precise savings amount when booking online will be required to set up a specific OGA Member profile with the tee time reservation system. This is not a requirement for members to receive the savings, but merely a requirement to know what the specific savings amount will be (for a given day) prior to going to the golf course and paying in person. 


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