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OGA Directors are the official representative from each respective club to serve as a liaison to the Golf Association and the Executive Committee.

The OGA Directors are the lifeline of communication from the OGA to its member clubs. In addition to expressing club concerns to the OGA and voting on behalf of their club before the Board of Directors at annual and special meetings, Directors serve by relaying all information about OGA membership, events, championships, services and volunteer opportunities to their members and golf professionals and club executives at their courses.

Director Materials:

Duties of a Director 2020 OGA Directors Handbook
Club Champions Info Director & President Info
OGA Impact Poster "Where Do My Dues Go" Breakdown
Promote Your Club Event Course/Facility Update Form

OGA Director Club Requirements: A club is defined by the USGA Handicap System as any group of 10 or more individuals that operate under a set of bylaws, elect officers and have a regular and reasonable opportunity to play golf together (among other things).  Each regular club (defined by the USGA Handicap System as TYPE 1 -- based at a regulation length green grass facility) must appoint a Director with no more than two Directors representing all clubs located at a particular facility. Additionally, TYPE 2 clubs may appoint a Director per the OGA Bylaws, given they meet the minimum requirements below.

The Bylaws of the Oregon Golf Association state “An Associate Member shall be an organization of at least ten (10) individual members (each being 18 years of age or older) that operates under bylaws with committees (including a handicap committee) which organization is located in the State of Oregon or in counties located in the State of Washington, which counties border the Columbia River. An Associate Member with a minimum of twenty-five (25) individual members who are 18 years of age or older shall have voting privileges and the right to appoint a Director. All Associate Members shall be conditionally admitted by the Executive Director, subject to being elected in the discretion of the Board of Directors. An Associate Member shall not be affiliated with a Golf Course.”