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OGA Members Can Compete in PNGA Competitions

When you become an OGA Member, you automatically become a member of the Pacific Northwest Golf Association. This allows you - where eligible - to compete in PNGA tournaments.

The PNGA has some outstanding regional competitions in 2018, including (but not limited to) the following:

The PNGA is a 501c3 charitable, international, amateur golf association dedicated to preserving the true spirit of golf by supporting our allied associations, conducting quality championships, and promoting activities beneficial to golfers in the Pacific Northwest.

PNGA territory is broken down into five zones, which are: Zone 1 – Oregon; Zone 2 – Eastern Washington; Zone 3 – Western Washington and Alaska; Zone 4 British Columbia and Alberta; and Zone 5: Idaho and Montana. There are approximately 175,000 individuals at over 650 PNGA member golf clubs.

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