2021 Explore Oregon Golf Passport | Oregon Golf Association

The Passport is an OGA Members-only savings program. Loaded with more than $2,200 in overall savings, the Passport is a small book that includes offers from 74 golf courses – each providing an 18-hole round (cart included) for a total fee of $30 or less.

The book's price is $129 for 2021 OGA Members. Golfers can simultaneously purchase the Passport and 2021 membership for $164.

Orders are to be placed through the links below (we are not processing walk-up orders from the OGA offices at this time).


More on the 2021 Passport:

Click/tap the links for a complete listing of participating courses and for additional information on the Passport program.

If you are purchasing the Passport for someone other than yourself (and it is intended to be a surprise), we recommend placing that order by phone at (503) 981-4653.

Note: Passport holders requesting single-rider golf carts may be subject to additional charges at participating courses.