Rule of the Month | Oregon Golf Association

Each month the Oregon Golf Association and Senior Rules Officials – Pete Scholz and Terry McEvilly – test your knowledge on certain scenarios that golfers encounter at every level of the sport. Scholz and McEvilly are long-time OGA volunteers and two of the most highly-respected rules officials in the nation. Click on the feature links below for clarification on select rules and or other golf subjects.

Some rules may not be featured in the articles below. See the USGA's Rules of Golf website for a complete listing of Rules and interpretations



November 2021

Freeze the Day

October 2021

'Matching' the Right Ruling to the Situation

September 2021

Move It Or Lose It

August 2021

Little Strokes Fall Large Oaks

July 2021

On All Fours

June 2021

It Is What It Is

May 2021

Get Out of Jail Free. Sometimes.

April 2021

Can We Fix It? Yes We Can! Sometimes.

March 2021

Training Aids, Leveling Planes and Rods

February 2021

A Golfer, Caddie and Rules Official Walk Into A Club...

January 2021

Think Globally, Act Locally

December 2020

A Santa by Any Other Name ...

November 2020

Legal Tender

October 2020

How Can It Be Wrong (When It Feels So Right)?

September 2020

Bust a Move

August 2020

Reflections on Deflections

July 2020

Go Back Jack and Do it Again

June 2020

Remove, Replace, Restore

May 2020

Just Don't Do It

April 2020

What You See is What You Get

March 2020

Just In Case

February 2020

Seek and Ye May Find

January 2020

Blame It On the Rain

December 2019

Sleighing the Rules

November 2019

Why Be Normal?

October 2019

In the Zone

September 2019

Fair or Not?

August 2019

Beg, Borrow or Steal

July 2019

Sand Saves

June 2019

Seeing Red (and Yellow)

May 2019

Who Done It?

April 2019

An Object at Rest

March 2019

Keeping It Local

February 2019

Do Drops

January 2019

Everything Old is New Again