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A Sneak Peek - World Handicap System

There are several items to keep in mind with the new World Handicap System. A reminder that the score-posting season in Oregon and Southwest Washington remains March 1 through Nov. 30.

1) The minimum number of scores to establish a Handicap Index is now three 18-hole rounds made up of any combination of 9 or 18-hole scores. A new player establishing a Handicap Index will use PAR + 5 as their maximum score per hole.

  • Old system required five 18-hole rounds (or 10 nine-hole scores combined)

2) For a full scoring record of 20 scores, the system will take the 8 lowest score differentials to calculate the Handicap Index.

  • Old system took 10 lowest score differentials

3) When abnormal playing conditions cause scores to be unusually high or low on a given day, a Playing Conditions Calculation, or PCC, will adjust score differentials to better reflect the player’s actual performance.

  • Old system had no comparable adjustment

4) Net Double Bogey (or Double Bogey Plus) is used when a player’s actual score or most likely score exceeds a maximum number derived using the following formula. All players, no matter their Course Handicap, use Net Double Bogey:   Net Double Bogey = Par + 2 +/- Handicap strokes received or given on a hole.

  • Old system used Equitable Stroke Control and changed according to the Course Handicap range in which the player fell

5) The Maximum Handicap Index for men and women is 54.0. This will encourage more novice golfers to get a Handicap Index.

  • Old system had a max of 36.4 for men and 40.4 for women

6) Under the World Handicap System, a Handicap Index updates daily. This feature should encourage golfers to post their scores immediately following their round.

  • Old system updated Indexes on the 1st and 15th of each month

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