U-30 - OGA Membership for Young Adults | Oregon Golf Association

U-30 is a new, affordable membership program designed for young adults (ages 19-29). The cost to become a U-30 member is $30.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE: U-30 Members are granted full OGA Membership privileges - click here for the perks.

U-30 Members enjoy preferred rates and special offers at the following courses.

** Stipulations vary - click here for savings details

OUR MISSION:  The OGA's mission for U-30 is to make sure young adults under 30 have every opportunity to play golf and enjoy benefits of golf. It's an entry point for young adults to play more golf, but more importantly, to have U-30 members build relationships with our partnering facilities, so one day they may want to be full members of their Men’s and Women’s Clubs.