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Update Contact Information Instructions

OGA Members can update GHIN profile contact information in any of the following methods:

  1. SELF EDIT:  Members can update their own contact information through GHIN.com or GHIN Mobile app. Members will need to complete the digital profile creation (w/password) in order to access their profile on either platform.
  2. Contact the person who administered your membership purchase (golf course head pro, club administrator, etc.). They can update your profile to include new contact information.
  3. Contact your Handicap Chair or Club President. Provide them with updated contact information. As a club administrator, they are in place to assist with these types of matters. 

If OGA Member contact information is accurately listed in a GHIN Profile, but that member has not yet received a bonus magazine subscription to Golf Digest and/or Pacific NW Golfer magazines, please indicate that by clicking here.


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