OGA Volunteer of the Year | Oregon Golf Association

Rick Parker is the recipient of the 2021 OGA Volunteer of the Year Award. Bjorn Sundstrom, Rich Walters and Susan Ziglinkski were also nominated for the 2021 award and recognized as honorees.

The Oregon Golf Association and OGA Junior Golf depend on volunteers to conduct local competitions (OGA Championships & OGA Junior Golf Major Tournaments) and USGA Qualifiers. The OGA's Course Rating team is made up of volunteers as well. 

A big thank you to all volunteers for the time donated to amateur golf in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

** The award is named after Bill Worden.

Bill Worden OGA Volunteer of the Year Award
Year Volunteer of the Year Honorees
2021 Rick Parker Bjorn Sundstrom, Rich Walters, Susan Ziglinski
2020 Dave Fiskum Tom Toal, Fran Fuller, Adam Young
2019 Steve Hagen Steve Carr, Mary Gilbert, Roger Mink
2018 Dave Scharringhausen John McCausland, Suzanne Peterson, Carol May
2017 Bob Proctor Steve Carr, Bob Hosack, Tony Orlandini
2016 Bobbi Breslin John Brown, Dave Scharringhausen, Steve Hagen
2015 Shanda Imlay Cliff Shahbaz, Bob Proctor, Harry Mejdell
2014 Fran Fuller Helen "Rusty" Beckel, Andy McNiece, Dave Siegel
2013 Pete Scholz and Terry McEvilly Rick Parker, Jack Evans, Forrest McCreadie, Linda McCreadie
2012 Bill King Steve Hagen, Mike Mahaffey, Kim Wenger
2011 Peter Pittock Shawn Hoffman, Bill Henke, Jeanne Biggerstaff
2010 Louise Labsch Phil Fribley, Roger Mink, Tom Garrow
2009 Owen Osborne Gene Chambers, Gail Phillips, Jesse Castillo
2008 Linda and Forrest McCreadie Terry McEvilly, Pete Scholz, Peter Pittock, Jerry Low
2007 Teri Melnichuk Deb Bartel, Owen Osborne, Mark Reed
2006 Harry Mejdell Laddie Farish, Rob Hill, Steve Lee
2005 Dorothy Bacon John Brown, Mary Harrington, Warwick Smith
2004 Everett Reynolds Teri Melnichuk, Steve Melnichuk, Bill Worden, Molly Edmunds
2003 Jerry Low Dorothy Bacon, Cal Collins, Margaret Maves
2002 Ray Carder Reed Clarke, Vicki Craig, Bobbi Breslin
2001 Jane Ball Bill King, Mandy Rasmussen, Mary Lou Thun, Tim Johnson
2000 Dave Siegel Sally Lewis, Gene Teel, Gerry Scovil, Mike Rashko
1999 Cliff Shahbaz Robin Hill, Forrest McCreadie, Linda McCreadie, Lyle Schultz
1998 Steve Hagen Phil Fribley, Tom Gaffney, Dona Holmes, Ev Reynolds
1997 Don Fearing Terry Allen, Joanne Kowitz, Ted Ochsner, Alice Reynolds
1996 Pat Domogalla Jane Ball, Ray Carder, Bud Duval, Peter Pittock, Fred Wilson
1995 John Balmat Donna Bodtker, Gen. J.W. Johnston, Alene Powell, John Vanderborght